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"We came to the Tutoring center when my son was struggling with reading and writing. He was diagnosed with dyslexia, and this program worked wonderfully for him. He started working at his own pace and did not move on to another subject until he had mastered it. He is now able to read and write, and he just received all A’s on his progress report. Last year, we were struggling just to get C’s ."
-TTC Katy Parent
“My daughter was having problems with reading and difficult letter sounds. I decided to get her tutored in this area and I chose The Tutoring Center of Katy. I can’t express how great they have been in helping my daughter. She is getting so much better at reading. She used to get frustrated when she first started to read. Now, she has no issues and likes to read more. My compliments to the tutors who helped her in reading. I couldn’t be happier and thank them for doing an awesome job. I would definitely recommend my friends to The Tutoring Center of Katy. What made the difference from all other tutoring places is the one-to one instruction. Thank you all again.”  
Ms. Dolezal, Parent, Holy Rosary Catholic School
“Since our daughter began attending The Tutoring center, we have seen a dramatic change in her grades. She actually finds enjoyment in computing her assignments. We see more A’s and B’s and her ability to retain the information is evident. Thank you The Tutoring Center!"
-TTC Katy Parent
“The Tutoring Center here in Katy has been fantastic for Andrew since he started. I have seen him come such a long way in his skills. This place has been a great tool to help my son learn and grow while in school. Andrew loves coming to The Tutoring Center.”
 -Parent, Bentley Elementary
"I like The Tutoring Center because they tutor me in a way that my brain can learn and understand everything. They know how to explain the concepts to me. My grades are A’s and B’s because now I understand."
-Diego Jimenez, 6th grader, Mc Means Jr. High
“I am amazed at the progress my son has made this school year. I like the fact that this center offers a one-to one individualized approach that meets my son’s academic gaps.”
Mrs. Esquivel, Parent & Katy ISD Teacher
“The Tutoring Center helped me improve my test scores and math skills. Thank you.”
-Jesus Pernia, Tompkins High School, 11th grade
“The Tutoring Center has helped me by improving my grades in Algebra and making tests easier. I got a great score on my STAAR test this year.”
-E.P., Taylor High School ,9th grade 
“The Tutoring Center has helped me by helping me feel more prepared and ready for my STAAR Test and has helped improve my math test scores in my Algebra. I got the Level III advanced academic performance on my Algebra I STAAR test.”
S.C., Taylor High School, 9th grade
“My grades have improved and it has also helped me focus and also helped me study for my tests/quizzes.”
J.C., Taylor High School, 12th grade
“The Tutoring Center has helped me with my math skills. My grades have improved and they have helped me pass major tests such as the TSI”
-J.S., Seven Lakes High School,12th Grade
“ My son Jiawei started here 6 months ago and he improved dramatically his English. Coming from another country, the language was hard for him and now he is more confident and his grades are much better. “ 
Ms. Hong Ying Di
“The reward of good work is the opportunity to do a better job well done. Thanks for helping me feel as if my son can do anything. With the help of all of you I have seen a great change in my son. I feel very proud of his achievements and this is only thanks to The Tutoring Center. Thanks to all of you for this improvement in the life of my son. From all my heart,”
Mrs. Lopez, Parent
“I have seen my daughter’s improvement especially on her report card from school. All of her grades are higher and she is more motivated. She is taking the initiative to do her homework, and most importantly, more confident in herself.” . 

“ He visto el mejoramiento que presenta mi hija en sus materias cada vez que recibo su reporte de la escuela. La veo mas motivada y animada a realizar sus tareas y lo mas importante le veo mucha mas seguridad"
Ms. Garcia, Parent
“The Center Director goes above and beyond to address concerns for your child. She ponders strategies and tips for both students and parents to help them.” 
Mrs. Dalal, Parent
“After attending The Tutoring Center for 1 month my son’s math grades improved dramatically.” 
Mr. Sanders, Parent
“ My child feels more confident, more interested and his grades are getting higher. It has been such a great experience for my son that I can recommend it to anyone that needs help or improvement in academics.” 
I like The Tutoring Center Katy because they help me with my math. The tutors are very nice and they always understand my work from school. They give me extra information that has helped me to move forward, now I know I will never be behind
Thank you,
Loke, 8th grade WoodCreek JH   
The one thing I like about The Tutoring Center Katy is that it gives me lots of information that helps me to understand the math I’m doing at school. Also, it gives me really good grades at school !! 
Timothy,  7th Grade Katy JH
"My kids enjoy learning at The Tutoring Center, willing to attend and I have seen improvement in some key areas like math and reading. Coming to The Tutoring Center has been well worth it. The program provides structured learning plus a positive experience. The staff and tutors are both supportive and challenging. Being new to the US school system, The Tutoring Center has helped my kids' adaptation and confidence at school. " 
Mrs. Visscher, Parent
"The personnel are very friendly and the management adapt to our expectations and I feel confident based on the results so far.  My son has learned organization skills and he has been one step ahead of the current plan at school. We build a great relationship, my son likes to go to the sessions."
Mr. Pumar, Parent
" Our experience has been wonderful and rewarding working with our grandson. The Tutoring Center definitely brings enlightenment to the learning process for my grandson. The approach to meeting the needs of the students is just outstanding. The Tutoring Center has been a blessing and godsend for Kaden and the Ball family to help him understand the very basics of his learning. In a short period of time, we believe Kaden is showing improvement in his reading comprehension. The Tutoring Center will continue to be a great help in his further learning. We are thankful for The Tutoring Center. "
Sammie Ball, Grandparent
"The Tutoring Center provides excellent tutoring for my son. We choose you because The Tutoring Center is one to one tutoring and the system is very unique compared to others in the market. It’s an excellent place for my son. My son is improving his grades and I think that the Tutoring Center is an excellent place to learn. "
Diego’s Mom
"We would like to express our appreciation to you and THE TUTORING CENTER for the improvement that we see in our two children, Isaac and Dwight. I am still surprised whenever I hear Dwight read and spell. He is one of the best readers in class and Isaac is doing very well in his class as well, bringing home A’s on most of his exams. Their time at the Center is truly well spent."
Johnny Siyluy
"The Tutoring Center has helped my daughter tremendously! It has given her the confidence, and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems on her own. The environment makes the kids want to learn, and encourages them to succeed in all subject. "
Paula Swain
"I love The Tutoring Center because it has done wonders for my daughter. She has improved in math tremendously, and she's still improving in writing and reading comprehension. What I'm also happy about is the confidence she's gained, and independence. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to any child..."
Jeanette Martinez
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WHAT OUR MATH STUDENTS ARE SAYING!                                 Math K-8/Geometry/Algebra/Pre-Calculus
"My grades in Geometry were terrible, before I had Mr. Mahdy, the best teacher ever.” 
 -Diego, 9th grader, Tompkins High School ,Geometry
"The Tutoring Center helped me to remember some math concepts I had forgotten. Right now, I’m maintaining a B+ and A’s in my PreAP Geometry class thanks to the Tutoring Center"
         - Eduardo, 9th Grader, PreAP Geometry,Taylor High School
“I am doing better in Pre-Calculus and The Tutoring Center is helping me understand and master concepts to help me get ready for quizzes and tests.”
 - Jeremiah, 12th grader, Pre- Calculus, Seven Lakes High School
"I’m a Junior at Tompkins High school and I’m currently taking a Pre-Cal course. I come to the Tutoring Center Katy twice a week and now I have a 96 average. Thanks to the tutors for helping me."
- Jesus, 11th grader, Pre- Calculus, Tompkins High School
“The Tutoring Center is helping me by making me study more and helping me understand concepts to help me get ready for quizzes.”
-Anna, 9th grader, PreAP Algebra, Seven Lakes High School,
“My grades have improved to 80’s and 90’s. I’m understanding the concept of most things in math and it’s gotten easier.”
-Ashlei, 7th grader, Math, West Memorial Junior High
“I’m a better student because of The Tutoring Center. I’m getting A’s or B’s on my tests. I understand the math concepts better when I go to the Center and the tutors help me.”
-Fabiola, 8th grader, Math, Tays Junior High
“With the aid of the tutors, I am able to slowly climb up the ladder. The tutors help with direct concepts that are usually tenuous and complicated.”
-Ekaterina, 9th grader, Geometry, `Katy High School
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WHAT OUR READING STUDENTS ARE SAYING!                                 Reading/Writing/Language Arts
"The Tutoring Center helped me to improve my Reading. Now I have a 91 or 92."
-Jayden, 5th Grade, Reading, Keiko Davidson Elementary
“The Tutoring Center helped me improve my Reading. Now, I have 80’s and above. ”
- Mia, 4th Grade, Reading, Keiko Davidson Elementary
"The Tutoring Center has helped me on my reading and writing a lot. They also helped me on my grammar and essays. "
        -Jiawei, 7th Grade, Reading, Cinco Ranch Junior High
“The Tutoring Center helped me on my vocabulary and reading. They also helped me on my writing.”
-Yao, 10th grader, Reading, Taylor High School
“The Tutoring Center helped me work on my vocabulary and also let me read more and be a thinker. My writing makes more sense and now I know how to connect words and phrases.”
-YeYing, 9th grader, Reading, Seven Lakes High School
“The Tutoring Center has been helping me. I will improve my reading, writing, and math skills. I like the study skills seminars because it is fun and we get to learn difficult things we don’t learn at school. I have earned many toys and prizes from The Tutoring Center.”
-Sydney, 5th grader, Rhoads Elementary
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