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The summer months are here, and there's nothing we love more than getting out and enjoying the sun! The Tutoring Center in Katy has three activities to ensure children don’t lose their learning momentum whilst still enjoying the outdoors and summer excitement.

Reading Picnic

Try taking some snacks...
In order to make learning fun this summer, The Tutoring Center in Katy has two great science activities we’d like to share with you to help you keep your kids interested over summer vacation.

Make a Weather Station

Weather is one of the easiest and most interesting aspects of science that you can...
As a student, taking good, effective notes can be an invaluable skill. After all, it is through your notes that you get to refresh your memory and study for your tests. Still, if you aren’t the best note taker but would like to improve in this department, you can follow the tips below to master...
Learning to read can be one of the most exciting yet frustrating things in a young child’s education. Many letters, and combinations of letters, make many different sounds or are pronounced completely different than they look, but just like everything: with practice comes perfection. Today, The...
 Encouraging your child to solve problems, communicate mathematically, and demonstrate reasoning abilities will help improve his or her understanding and interest in math concepts. As children explore and discover the things around them, they are inevitably exposed to the world of...
If you’ve considered getting your child a tutor in order to help him or her out with some of the challenges that come with education, you may be wondering what the best options are. With the high number of students in each classroom, specifically in the public school setting, it is a great option...
If your child is young, they’re more than likely more interested in playing than doing anything else. It’s obvious that they’re having a great time whilst they’re playing, but we here at The Tutoring Center in Katy think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn about the brain-boosting effects...
Your children’s education goes beyond the classroom and it starts at home. Choosing a healthy diet, instilling study habits and even physical activity play an important role in great academic achievement. However, sleep is another area in the development of your children that shouldn’t be...
Reading for pleasure has become extremely rare in a time when children spend most of their time checking their social networks or playing with their cell phones. According to a study by Common Sense Media, 45% of 17 year olds pick up a book only one or two times a year for enjoyment. 

We’re sure that as a parent you recognize the importance of exercise for good physical health, but exercise also brings many benefits that don’t manifest themselves outwardly. The Tutoring Center in Katy would like to take a moment to tell you about some of the positive effects exercise has on...


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