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The aversion to reading isn’t something children are born with. In fact, if you give a toddler a book, they will marvel at the pictures and soon they will have their favorite story. Why is it then, that when some children reach elementary school, their love for books disappears? The Tutoring Center, Katy TX has some of the reasons as well as the solutions to bring back the love for reading.

Reading Makes Their Eyes Hurt or Gives Them a Headache

Many people suffer from scotopic sensitivity, this means they are sensitive to light. They struggle when they have to read because most of the books used in many classes have glossy paper that reflects the lights above. This can be painful for them and make reading difficult. Look out for the tell-tale signs: they rub their eyes, they squint, hold the books very far or very close to their faces. Light sensitivity is often misdiagnosed as dyslexia, a good diagnosis can bring better solutions.

They Are Not Interested in the Material

Try as they might, they can’t make themselves be interested in the required reading. What you can do is find stories or articles that are just too irresistible for them not to read. Even if the stories have nothing to do with the textbook readings they require in school. Look for topics that attract younger generations.

They Forget What They Just Read

Many students enjoy reading aloud but they don’t understand what they are reading. Tell them that reading is creating a mental picture with the words, if you lose the picture, you stop understanding whatever it is you are reading. Ask them questions that help them understand the picture and then reread that part. They will find they understand what they are reading now and that reading isn’t so bad.

For Expert Tutoring in Katy TX

There are many other reasons why students struggle when it comes to reading. Tutoring in Katy TX can help them regain that love for reading, their classes and homework will be so much easier for them too. So call The Tutoring Center, Katy TX at: (832) 437-0635 to know more about their programs.


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