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The midyear slump is the phenomenon in which students lose motivation around the middle of the school year. Read this post by The Tutoring Center, Katy TX for tips on how to motivate yours.

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How to Make It Past the Midyear Slump

The excitement of the new school year has worn off. The pressure of the end of the school year is still a little ways down the road. It's in this spot that your child's interest in their academics may start to waver. This phenomenon is deemed the midyear slump and it can really affect a student's academic performance and grades. To learn how you can help your child overcome it, continue reading.

Rearrange and Change Up Their Study Space

Boredom, lack of motivation, lack of interest, and other similar feelings can stem from the daily routine. Yes, routines are necessary, especially for growing children that need guidance and structure. However, after some time, routines can numb anyone's creativity, inspiration, and drive. If this is what has happened to your child, a way to fix it is to breathe new life into their study space. For example, you can simply rearrange their furniture and current workspace. A change like this can get them excited to sit in their space and do their work. Another similar tip would be to provide new school supplies, notebooks, and other tools like these. Once again, the newness of them may be able to get them excited to study, do their homework, read, and engage in their academics.

Make Their School Lessons More Fun and Appealing

Sitting at a desk all day, reading a textbook for hours on end, and listening to their teacher talk for a long time can also be why your child is feeling uninspired to do their best regarding their academics. That's why, you should try to add a fun spin to their school lessons and the process through which they study them. One way to go about this would be to download apps and online games that are educational and that will let your child practice a few different academic skills while they play. There are apps for learning math, spelling, grammar, history and more. If you provide some of them for your child, they'll likely be eager to spend their time working and studying. Another approach that could work is to create experiments related to the lessons your child should be learning. Getting them to actually participate in their lessons, rather than just reading about them, can engage them and help them learn more.

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Motivate Them With Incentives

Some parents don't think that providing incentives for their child is appropriate. After all, going to school and studying are their only responsibilities, and they should be able to work on them on their own because it's their duty. Still, more so than luring them to do their work with incentives, you should think of it as rewarding them for a job well done. This will help them see their hard work is being recognized. For example, if they improve their grades, or if they finish their homework correctly and on time, you can offer to take them to the zoo, a museum, the movies, or other. This will give them something to look forward to, as well as improve their outlook on their academics.

Turn to Their Peers and Teachers

As a final tip, you should ask around to see if other students are feeling the same way your child does. Talk to their parents about this subject to know that you're not alone. You can also reach out to the teacher for advice on how to deal with the midyear slump. In their years of experience, they've probably come up with some tried and true solutions to the phenomenon. If you deem it appropriate, you could take it a step further and take your child to a psychologist. This will help you rule out other reasons why your child may be feeling this lack of interest in their academics.

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