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While many parents and children believe that summer break is a time for children to take a mental break, it is also a time when your child could fall behind academically. Short mental breaks do help and are needed, but summer vacation is too long. Often times children forget some of what they learned in the previous academic year. However, summer tutoring can prevent this and help your child. Here are the top 5 benefits of summer tutoring:

One-on-one tutoring can work with your schedule

At The Tutoring Center, we offer a variety of times throughout the week and weekend for one-on-one tutoring for your child. We recognize you have a busy schedule and can work with you on what times and days work best for you and your child. 

Focus on exactly what your child needs

One-on-one tutoring offers the flexibility to work on strengthening the exact subjects and concepts your child struggles with. Summer tutoring gives your child the advantage of progressing so your child does not continue to struggle with these topics in the future. We offer a wide range of tutoring options from math help to reading help and beyond. 

Continues the habit of homework

It is so easy to fall out of the habit of doing homework. Don’t let that happen to your child! Allowing your child one-on-one summer tutoring continues to provide them with homework so they stay in the habit of completing work at home.  

Maintains a routine 

When school ends, so does a large part of your child’s daily routine. Give them some structure and routine by providing them summer tutoring. Providing a predictable routine is healthy for your child.  

Builds confidence in your child 

All too many times a child ends up “hating” math or reading simply because they lack confidence in the subject. The summer break is the perfect time for your child to work with a tutor on building confidence. One-on-one tutoring gives a child a safe space to work on confidence. 

For tutoring in Katy, TX contact The Tutoring Center. The Tutoring Center is here to meet all of your summer tutoring needs. We also offer one-on-one tutoring throughout the school year. Go ahead and give us a call at 832-437-0635 to set up summer tutoring and to set up a time for your child to take a free assessment. Looking for more summer ideas? Check out our blog for some fun summer activities for you to do with your child.


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