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If your child requires assistance to assimilate, retain, and recall information, you can use mnemonic devices. To learn different mnemonics to help them learn, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Katy, TX

Learning is a complex mental process that heavily relies on assimilating and memorizing information effectively. You need to commit something to memory in order to retain and recall that information successfully. However, this process can be challenging to some students who can't seem to hold on to or bring up the data correctly. Enter, mnemonic devices. These are techniques that exist with the sole purpose of aiding in the retention or retrieval of information. These can be a lifesaver for students with the need for extra assistance. If your child could use support to memorize their school lessons more easily, the following post has some mnemonic devices you could put to good use.

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How to Help Your Child Study with Mnemonic Devices

Sing a Few Catchy Songs

Everybody can sing the alphabet song from start to finish. It is the main reason why most of us know the alphabet. This is the best testament to how effective mnemonic devices (in this case, catchy songs) can be in aiding in the learning process. To that end, create and sign catchy songs with your child with lyrics that go over the information they should be learning. Sing it along with them a few times until they finally learn it. If they are an auditory learner, this can be especially helpful for them).

Go for Silly Acronyms

One of the easiest and most common mnemonic devices students use to remember information is to make up silly acronyms, especially when they need to memorize lists or steps. For example, if your child needed to memorize the planets in the Solar System, an acronym such as Most Veterinarians Exercise Many Jujitsu Swipes Under Nightfall. Keep in mind that the sillier the acronym is, the easier it will be to remember, so use your imagination and put together something that your child is sure to remember.

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Create Some Fun Rhymes

If you notice a pattern here, it is that these mnemonic devices are meant to make the information presented more fun and less intimidating so that your child can retain and recall it easily. For example, there's a very popular rhyme to aid in the memorization of a spelling rule: I before E, except after C. As you can see, it's far simpler to commit a short rhyme that's catchy and fun to memory than it is to assimilate information that may not have much meaning to your child.

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Use Mnemonic Devices for Kinesthetic Learners

As you may be aware, kinesthetic learners are those who need to touch things, use movement, or use their hands and body in order to assimilate information better. If your child is a kinesthetic learner, there are mnemonic devices you can employ to help them memorize. A common kinesthetic mnemonic device many of us use is to reference our knuckles to remember how long the months in the year are. You can also make up a short choreography to help your kinesthetic learner (like the head, shoulders, knees, and toes).

Turn to Visual Mnemonic Devices

Last but not least, if your child is a visual learner (i.e., they understand and assimilate visual cues more easily), then there are mnemonic devices that they can use to aid in their learning process. For example, if your child is trying to remember the different phases of the moon, your child can think of the word DOC and associate each letter to the shape of the moon: D for waxing, O for the full moon, and C for waning. This will help your child take advantage of their visual abilities while helping them learn other information.

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