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Geometry is the study of figures (their shape, space, position, size), and it is a requirement for most students to learn it. However, many find it challenging to understand geometry effectively. According to Van Hiele's Model, the way students learn geometry can be divided into five levels:
  • 0 - Visualization (students learn to identify shapes)
  • 1 - Analysis (they start to understand the properties of the shapes)
  • 2 - Abstraction (they start creating arguments about geometric shapes)
  • 3 - Deduction (they begin understanding deductions and simple proofs)
  • 4 - Rigor (they can work with deductive geometric systems)
As you can imagine, it's possible that some students are getting stuck in one of these levels, preventing them from comprehending geometry and its logic fully. For that reason, if you have a student at home and you notice that they're having difficulties in their geometry courses, you should continue reading this post, to find just a few reasons why that may be, and how you can help them improve.

Why Students Struggle with Geometry

They Don't Understand the Basics

As the Van Hiele's Model establishes, you can't jump from visualization to deduction. A process needs to be followed in order to learn geometry effectively. For that reason, it's important that the student can dominate each level before moving on to the next one. This means that there shouldn't be any lingering questions and that the knowledge obtained in each step is reinforced every so often, so they don't forget about what they've learned. Tutoring can be of great assistance in this respect since students will have a dedicated tutor there to answer those questions before they move on.

They Don't Want to Think Geometrically

One aspect which makes geometry different from other mathematics courses is that it doesn't follow an arithmetic way of thinking (in which students have to memorize formulas and employ them). On the contrary, geometry requires proofs and a visual approach to math. It's possible that some students will hit a wall here since they have to change how they think of mathematics. They should be eased into this new approach, so they don't feel stuck when it comes to geometry.

They Lack the Proper Guidance

Unfortunately, not all mathematicians are good at teaching: it may be that they lack the proper way to communicate their knowledge, that they're uninterested in the job, or other reasons. On the other hand, your student may require extra attention to learn geometry (which teachers at school may not be able to provide). Whatever the case may be, if your student doesn't have the proper guidance in order to learn geometry, they'll likely find it more challenging than it has to be. They should get the necessary attention and direction so your student can learn better. If your student needs academic support to learn geometry effectively, enroll them in tutoring classes in Katy TX. A dedicated tutor will guide them so they can master geometry. Contact The Tutoring Center, Katy TX at 832-437-0635 for more information, or to request a free diagnostic assessment.

Their Learning Style Isn't Considered

As mentioned above, geometry requires a more visual approach to math, which is why visual learners have an easier time understanding it (they can grasp spatial arrangements better, for example). This means that auditory, kinesthetic, or other types of learners, may have a harder time, and may require extra assistance to develop their skills. Still, it is entirely possible for them to learn geometry as well; they just need different methods to assimilate the information, which is where a tutor may be able to help.

There's Not Enough Time

Most students only take one year of geometry courses throughout their academic life. This, as you can imagine, isn't enough time for them to learn geometric principles effectively. Not only that but as you may be aware, lessons that you don't use or reinforce on a regular basis are lessons forgotten. This means that if students encounter geometry again after they have left school, they'll likely feel like they're at level 1 of the Van Hiele's Model once again. Ensure your student has enough time to have a successful geometry learning experience through one-on-one tutoring.

Learn Geometry Efficiently with Tutoring Classes in Katy TX

Geometry can seem like a brick wall to some students. However, they should realize that they can break through it. If your student could use extra assistance to do so, remember that The Tutoring Center, Katy TX can be there for them. Their expert tutors will guide them, work with them, and give them the attention and time they require in a supportive environment so that they can learn geometry effectively. Call them at 832-437-0635 for more information on their one-on-one tutoring classes in Katy TX, or to schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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