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Calculators can be great learning tools when used properly. To ensure your child uses their calculator effectively, follow the tips in this post by The Tutoring Center, Katy TX

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How to Teach Your Child to Use a Calculator

Go Over Basic Math Operations With Your Child

The reason why parents and teachers are against the use of calculators when doing elementary-level math is that it can interfere with the student's learning process, as they could rely too heavily on the calculator and won't learn to do the operations on their own. That's why, before you even consider giving your child a calculator, you should first make sure that they understand basic math and can work out basic math operations in a comfortable and correct manner (even those involving double or triple digit numbers). If they haven't mastered those basic operations yet (i.e. adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing), go over them with them. Help them learn and be there for them until they have sharpened those skills effectively.

Make Use of Other Tools to Calculate

The calculator is definitely the easiest, most straight forward, effective way to perform math operations. But, as such, it is the one that requires the less amount of thinking. Still, that there are other calculation tools and devices that your child can use to help them in their mathematical endeavor. For one, you can help your child understand that their brain is the most powerful calculation tool they have readily available. If they do require extra assistance, a pencil and blank paper can do the trick. An abacus and its moving beads can also help them have a more visual approach to their math operations. One thing to be mindful of, however, is that you should deter them from using their fingers as a tool. Once again, they can become too reliant on them, which can hinder their math learning process.

Have a Conversation With Your Child About Calculator Usage

Another tip that can help you immensely is to simply talk to your child about calculator usage. Especially if you have a younger child, it's likely that they're pretty eager to learn and will be very receptive to what you have to say. Moreover, children appreciate being talked to with respect and consideration. When having said conversation, go over the advantages and disadvantages of using a calculator. Furthermore, help them understand that it's probable they won't be able to rely on it 100% of the times (for instance, if the battery on their phone dies out). In fact, there will be times in which it'll be strictly prohibited to use a calculator (like when they're answering a test). This will highlight the importance of being able to work on math operations without the help of a calculator.

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Provide Your Child the Right Kind of Calculator

Once you've decided that it's right for your child to use a calculator, the next step is making sure that they have the ideal calculator to work with. As you may be aware, there are several kinds of calculators for you to choose from. For example, there are scientific calculators, financial calculators, graphing calculators, and few others. Still, unless your young child is a wiz in finances, complex algebra, and/or statistics, a standard calculator will be the one to opt for. When you give them the calculator, you should also spend a couple of minutes explaining to them how to use it. Go over each of the buttons and tell them what they do and the correct way to employ them.

Use the Calculator for Verification

Last but not least, it may be a good idea to establish limits regarding your child's calculator usage. This way, you can guarantee that they will employ the calculator for learning purposes only. For instance, they should use the calculator to verify the result of the operation, only after they have worked on solving it on their own. If they did well, the calculator will give them that certainty. If they made a mistake, the calculator will inform them of it. They can then go back to check their work, identify area where they messed up and correct it.

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