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Adding is a basic mathematical operation, and everybody should know how to do it. If you have a young child at home, follow the tips in this post by  to teach them to add.

How to Teach a Child to Add

Even though calculators are readily available in tablets, smartphones, and other devices, children should still learn to do basic math. For example, your child should learn how to add, as it is a basic mathematical operation that they're guaranteed to need constantly throughout their life. Still, if you aren't sure of how you can help your child learn to add, you should read the post below for tips on the matter.

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Talk to Them About the Basics

First and foremost, you need to talk to your child about the basics regarding what they'll be doing. Luckily, younger children can be very receptive, curious, and eager to learn. Sit your child down and explain to them what numbers are, what math is, what adding means, why they need to learn how to add, and other similar information. Doing so will help them realize the importance of adding, and they won't be confused about what they're doing.

Help Them Learn to Count

Of course, your child will never learn how to add if they don't know numbers or how to count. For that reason, before you even begin teaching them how to do additions, you need to teach them how to count (for example, how to count from 1 to 20 is a good start). Moreover, not only should your child know how to count, but they should be able to do it in a comfortable manner, so adding doesn't come as a surprise, nor isn't too much of a challenge for them.

Challenge Them a Bit More

Once your child is familiar with counting, it is time to raise the stakes and challenge them a bit more. A small but significant way you can do that is to ask them to skip count. For example, your child can start counting in 2s (2, 4, 6...), or in 3s (3, 6, 9...), and inadvertently begin adding without feeling overwhelmed by the task. This is a simple way to introduce them to addition and help them get a sense of what it really entails.

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Use Quantifiable Objects

Learning to add can be a bit challenging if you're working with abstract ideas and don't have something tangible to do it with. That's why, to really bring the concept of adding home, you can provide your child with a few quantifiable objects. For example, you can give them a set of pencils and ask them to count them. Then, add a bit more to the bunch and ask them to count them again. This will help them understand how adding works. Keep in mind, however, that while it's a good idea to use objects to teach your child to add, you should make sure they don't use their fingers or a calculator to do it, as they can develop a dependence to them, which will interfere with the learning process.

Keep Them Practicing

Adding, as any other skill, requires regular practice in order to be developed and sharpened effectively. That's why you should encourage your child to practice adding as much as possible. To that end, you can search for practice sheets online that are suited to your child's level. You should even look for online games or apps that can make learning math fun and entertaining.

Move at Their Own Pace

Last but not least, you need to make sure that you move at your child's own pace. While you may think that adding is no big deal, your child is still learning it. They need to go through a process in order to do it correctly and confidently. For that reason, you should refrain from pressuring them into moving forward (asking them to add larger numbers, for example). In fact, doing so may be counterproductive, since it may intimidate your child and may even turn them away from doing math altogether. Allow them to progress at their own pace so they can have a successful learning experience.

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