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Reading regularly can open a lot of doors for your child, as it will help them develop in different areas. For tips on how to encourage your child to read more this summer, refer to this post by The Tutoring Center, Katy TX.

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How to Motivate Your Child to Read

Lead By Example

You can't expect your child to become an avid reader if you aren't much of a reader yourself. Especially if you explain to them the benefits of reading regularly, you need to practice what you preach. After all, your character and habits have a strong influence in your child's character and habits. So, for starters, you need to lead by example. If you'd like to build a reading habit that will allow you to reap the benefits of being a bookworm (and that will encourage your child to follow in your footsteps), focus on reaching a low goal, such as reading 15 pages each night.

Give Them the Liberty to Choose

Something that can be very encouraging for your child, and that is sure to increase their interest in reading, is giving them the freedom to choose what they read. As you're aware, reading preferences can change tremendously from person to person. This is why you should let your child decide, as it's more likely that they'll choose something that will actually get them excited to read (which is a very important part of building a reading habit). Just ensure that the reading material they pick is suitable for their reading level and appropriate for their age.

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Create the Perfect Reading Nook for Them

If your child is not the biggest reader, and they make an effort to start reading in a crowded room with the TV on and little lighting, you can bet they'll give up on the entire endeavor. Creating the perfect reading nook for them will ensure they have the best conditions possible to focus on the reading material. Moreover, the right reading nook will guarantee they'll read comfortably and pleasantly. Said nook should include enough light (so they can read without straining their eyes), comfy furniture, a dictionary (to look up unknown words), and no distractions.

Assist Them With Their Reading Comprehension Skills

Strong reading comprehension skills are a must in order to build a strong reading habit. Needless to say, your child will not want to read much if they don't understand what they read very well. If you notice your child could use assistance to become a better reader, there are several things you can do. For example, you can teach them to use the dictionary to understand what they read thoroughly. You can also encourage them to take notes on the material they read, research the context of the story they read, and try different reading techniques to increase their comprehension of the text.

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Spend Reading Time Together

A great idea that can definitely increase your child's interest in reading, as well as provide an opportunity for you two to bond,  is to read along each other. The House Fairy even mentions that reading together will help your child become even more engaged with the reading material, as you can help them solve questions about the text that may arise. Plus, it will make reading much more enriching and enjoyable for the both of you. Read bedtime stories to each other every night to reap these benefits.

Visit the Library With Them

A final tip is to take your child to the library. If they've never been to one, they will be completely amazed to find out that there is a whole building dedicated to knowledge and stories, which can elevate their interest in reading significantly. Moreover, while you're there, you can encourage them to choose a few different books to take home to read. This is the perfect time to do it, since your child likely has a lot of free time on their hands now that school is on break. Visit the library with them to have a fun day out while you encourage them to read more.

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