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Some students don't understand the point of studying calculus. Still, some of the most popular careers and disciplines out there employ some degree of it. To learn what these are, read this post.

Careers for Which You'll Need to Use Calculus

"But when will I ever use calculus in real life?". This is a question many students ask themselves whenever they're having a challenging time understanding this mathematics course. To a certain extent, it is a fair question. After all, why would anyone stress out and waste time with something that won't benefit them in the least? What they may not realize is just how useful calculus and the study of derivatives and integrals of functions really is. For starters, there's the fact that in general, the study of math helps you understand the world better, as well as allows you to strengthen your logical thinking. In more practical terms, however, learning about calculus can also be a huge advantage, as a myriad different careers employ some form of it. This means that if you want to become a professional, chances are you will need to master some level of calculus at some point. To learn more about just a few of the careers that apply calculus and the way it is present in them, refer to the post below.

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People who work in economics are obviously used to handling money, and as a result, work with a lot of numbers. Furthermore, however, they are in charge of understanding the dynamics between people and wealth, which means that they study different variables, and then use mathematics (and more importantly, calculus) in order to compute costs, revenue, profits, and more correctly.


Biology, the science of life, is dedicated to studying and comprehending the living structures that make our planet (from microorganisms to plants, animals, and human beings), their relationships, and their cycles. While it may seem that biology isn't that connected to calculus, it is necessary to learn it, as you can't establish the birth and death rates of organisms without it.


"Engineering" is a very broad term. However, it appears this way in this post, because every kind of engineer will need to use calculus at some point or another. This means that if you have dreams of becoming an electrical, industrial, aeronautical, chemical, environmental, civil, or another type of engineer, you should try your best to lose your aversion to calculus.


If you read the previous paragraph, then you know that civil engineering employs calculus. By logic, that should indicate to you that architecture requires a clear grasp on calculus as well, since they are deeply related. After all, architects are responsible for designing solid and safe structures that people can live and work in, and calculus can help them achieve that.

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Physics tries to provide a better understanding of the properties and relations between matter and energy. Needless to say, to do so, it makes use of calculus, as it can help physicists study heat, light, motion, astronomy, motion, among many other concepts that are instrumental in our perception of the universe around us and the forces that work within it.


Chemistry, on the other hand, is concerned with matter in a different way: it is more interested in its composition and how it changes depending on the interactions it has. In chemistry's case, calculus can be used, for example, to work out the reaction rates in matter. Differentiation can provide the tools necessary to analyze those chemical reactions.


Medicine is a fascinating science since it tries to explain and work with one of the most sophisticated systems around, the human body, and how it responds to diseases and other stimuli. To be a doctor, however, you should start working on your math skills. For instance, to practice pharmacology, you should be able to calculate the right dosage of a drug to reap the benefits you need from it.


Forensics has seen an increase in popularity thanks to it being featured in several TV shows. Still, to become an expert examiner, you need to collect and analyze evidence. Before you do, however, you will need to learn calculus. As an example, you would apply your calculus knowledge to examine blood splatter at the scene of a crime.

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