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Attention span is the amount of time we are able to concentrate on a task without being distracted. If as adults our attention span isn’t the best it should be and only decreases with time, imagine how it must be for a child. Children are still developing and stimuli are greater on them than on us. It’s our job to help them improve their attention span. The Tutoring Center, Katy TX made a list of ideas to consider for improving children’s attention and focus.

It’s a Game of Give and Take

If you expect your child to pay to attention to you, you should give him the same treatment. The best way to get children to pay attention is to be in close proximity to them. Instructions should be given when in the same room, making eye contact, and if possible with a light shoulder or hand touch. It shows that you are paying attention to what they are doing and expect them to do it. Sometimes a parent might be really set on a lesson, but the way they are presenting it isn’t what the child needs. Maybe you want them to write and  for them to concentrate on writing, but they are really good at focusing when they are painting. Instead of making them write, work painting into the lesson; that way, they’ll do what you request but it will feel less like an obligation to them.

Be Aware of Distractions

Try to pinpoint what is making your child so distracted; for instance, they may be tired or hungry. It’s always good to give them a little time to rest after school, and make sure they get enough sleep at night. They should have a defined bed time. Be careful not to overload them with work, chores and after school classes, if they might not give the best results they can.  Before starting homework or an activity of that sort, give them a healthy snack, something that isn’t loaded with sugar or fat. In families with multiple children, having siblings work at the same time can be a challenge. The result will probably be better if you have them working on separate rooms and check on each of them constantly; it may seem impractical but it works. As a rule, one has to wait until the other finishes if they want to watch TV or play videogames.

Remove Obvious Distractions

It goes without saying; if you want children to focus, keep them away from distractions. No TV, toys or cellphones during homework time. They should only have the essential material they will be working with. Having a clean workspace will help them a lot, so provide a clear working area with no clutter. Anything can be a distraction.

Establish a Schedule

Remember there is a limit to your children’s attention span and there is no point in going beyond it. Start small 9- 12 minutes of full concentration, then a little break. Gradually add another minute to the activity they are supposed to be concentrating on as you see fit. Before starting a task, ask them how long it will take them to finish, they might be pleasantly surprised if they finish early, and it can become a personal challenge for them to break their own record.

Give Clear Instructions

When instructions aren’t given clearly, children might think they are too hard and won’t concentrate on the task. Break instructions into small steps; after they finish with one thing, give them the second instruction. Children respond better to clear and concise instructions instead of a long speech. Once they finish their task, praise them on a job well done. That will encourage them to work like that all the time. Give your children extra help by enrolling them in one of our programs at The Tutoring Center, Katy TX. Call 832-437-0635 to find out more about tutoring in Katy TX.

Add Physical Activity

Children who struggle paying attention often benefit from physical activity breaks (around 15 minutes should be enough). Physical activity releases chemicals in the brain that affect memory and learning; this means that basically, moving can help your children improve their focus and attention. Learn more about the mental benefits of exercise in school life, here.

Use Music

Listening to music without lyrics can enhance your ability to focus. Play some background music while they do homework; for example, they can liste to some classical music or a movie score if they would like something more modern, there are also many concentration playlists available online.

Praise and Reward

Praise should be given for a job well done and rewards can be given on occasion. You can have a chore o homework chart, add a sticker to each day they completed all their work in the established time. When they have ‘x’ number of stickers, they get a treat. That way, they feel like they are working towards something.

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These are some of the ways you can help your child concentrate. If they are struggling in school or just need a bit of extra help contact The Tutoring Center, Katy TXOur teaching experts will help you decide which program better suits your child. Fill in the contact sheet on our website to schedule a free diagnostic assessment or call us at: 832-437-0635


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