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Children need to be alert in order to do well in their studies. What they eat plays an incredibly large role in how well they perform at school and in their learning. That is why today, at the tutoring center in Katy, we want to talk more about the importance of providing your child with the right foods, for them to thrive in a learning environment.

Food Plays a Big Role in the Ability to Learn

In order to learn there must be a good level of alertness and focus, this will allow the information to be processed and stored correctly in the brain. However, when a child is not able to stay focused to what is being said or taught, it is very hard for the brain to absorb or understand any concept. In turn the child becomes more frustrated and anxious. Food is a key factor in allowing the brain to stay sharp and ready to process information. Both the lack of food and the wrong types of food will make the child loose concentration, wear out easily and drain their ability to learn.

Foods That Should Be Avoided for Better Concentration

  • sugary drinks
  • high sugar content meals
  • white breads
  • empty nutritional foods such as potato chips
  • fried foods
  • caffeine in any sort
  • sugar packed cereals
  • candy and other types of junk food.

Some "Healthy" Foods Are Not That Healthy

Beware, because many items that may be considered healthy are actually contributing to sabotaging your child's learning. For example yogurt and fruit snacks, many of these snacks are actually very high in sugar and do more harm than good. The high amounts of sugar in these types of snacks causes bursts of hyper activeness that makes a child unable to control himself and thus becomes unable to focus. After a while, they experience a steep crash that makes them feel fatigued and irritated. All of this causes children to not grasp anything that is taught, because their brain is trying to recover, and cannot function enough to allow new learning connections to be made.

The Brain Needs Healthy Fats

The cells in the brain are different from other types of cells. Brain cells carry a high lipid content that allows brain function to properly take place. Since the brain is made up of high contents of water and important lipids, it is essential that it be nourished correctly. That is why healthy fats such as omega-3 are very necessary for brain function. Prolonged malnutrition and very low levels of healthy fats causes the brain to not function properly. However, a sweet snack every now and then won't do permanent damage. It may actually be fun to make a dessert together with your child and make it a learning opportunity. For more information on how to improve motor and cognitive skills in the kitchen read our previous post here.

Feed the Body and the Brain the Right Foods

Eggs are one of the most ideal foods for your child because they both provide protein and healthy fats. There are also many other great foods that can enhance the learning process in your child's body. Nuts, olives and avocados also provide the right types of fats, but should be accompanied with protein and vegetables for better benefits. Basically there must be amino acids (protein) and healthy fats such as omegas, complex carbs such as starchy vegetables or other types of veggies and a good intake of pure drinking water in a meal, in order for it to truly feed the body and the brain.

Examples of Lunches or Snacks That Include the Right "Brain Foods"

  • egg burritos with veggies in a whole wheat tortilla
  • oatmeal with berries and nuts sweetened with a dollop of honey
  • baby carrots and broccoli with healthy omega-3 ranch dressing
  • baked chicken strips with pesto and baby carrots
  • whole wheat tuna sandwich with avocado

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