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Reading is the Bridge to Your Child's Future

Reading is imperative to your child's academic success. Reading is required in every class and subject. Without reading proficiency, your child's dreams of college, a successful career and bright future will not be realized. Help your child with by encouraging them to develop their reading skills.

Surround Your Child With Books

Surround your child with books and reading materials. Your child will be more likely to open the pages and begin reading. Give your child every opportunity to explore the many wonders of the written word.

Encourage a Variety of Reading Material

Part of developing strong reading skills is the ability to self-select on various reading materials. This does not have to be limited to books. It should include newspapers, magazines, websites and other literature.

Set the Example

You are your child's greatest role model. Set an example of the importance and enjoyment of reading for pleasure by reading yourself. Discuss with your child what they are reading and schedule quality reading time together.

Read to each other

Reading to your child is a great way to get them interested in and expose them to advanced text. As well as reading to your child, ask your child to read to you. Let them pick the subject and discuss afterward. Ask your child to summarize the story when finished to check their level of understanding.

Head to the Library

A trip to the library is fun, informative and free. Libraries often offer reading lists for your child's grade level. While you are there, take advantage of the many other services the library has to offer, such as internet access and DVD hire.

Enroll in a Reading Program

There are some excellent supplementary after-school activities your child will benefit from. Enroll your child in a reading program such as "Geniuses in Training". For your child, you want the best tutoring in Katy, TexasThe Tutoring Center, Katy will help your child excel in challenge areas with academic programs in reading, writing, and math. For more information and to learn more about the benefits of tutoring, call 832-540-7666 for your child's free assessment. 


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