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Your child's teacher is a very influential person in their life. Learn how you can establish a working relationship with them for your child's benefit, with this post by The Tutoring Center, Katy TX.

How to Establish a Parent-Teacher Relationship

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Introduce Yourself to the Teacher

How can you expect to have a good working relationship with your child's teacher if you don't know what they look like or their name? That's why the first step you should take is to introduce yourself to the teacher. This will help them place you and have a better sense of how you and your child's relationship is. During that first encounter, it is a good idea to exchange some contact information with the teacher. Even just writing down each others' cell phone numbers can be a step in the right direction, so you can keep in touch if it's ever needed. And, during your introduction to the teacher, you should also let them know that you're more than willing to work with them to benefit your child's education. Letting them know you trust their work as a teacher will help make the relationship easier to navigate and will keep the communication channels open.

Communicate With the Teacher Effectively

And speaking of keeping the communication channels open, now that you know who the teacher is, as well as their contact information, you should communicate with them effectively. To that end, it is highly suggested that you sit down to talk to them (a couple of times over the course of the school year) and ask them a few questions. For example, you can ask the following:
  • What do you want to know about my child? This question is especially important at the beginning of the school year since it will help the teacher get to know your child better. Talk about their strengths, weaknesses, needs, and preferences, as well as some of their experiences, so the teacher can have a clearer image of how your child is and what the best way to approach them is.
  • What's my child's social status? As the year progresses, you should inquire about your child's social life and behavior in the classroom. While they can behave one way at home and with the family, they may have a very different attitude when they're in school. Learn if your child has friends, if they're bullied, or if they're bullying others, so you can react to those situations adequately.
  • What's my child's learning style? Even if you already know what your child's learning style is, asking this question to the teacher may help you know if you're both on the same page. Moreover, it can help you understand your child and their learning needs a bit better. If needed, you could even ask for tips on how to adjust to your child's learning style to guarantee they'll have positive learning experiences.
  • How can I help? Last but not least, if during your conversation you notice that there are some things your child should work on, ask the teacher how you can get involved to ensure they become a better learner, student, and person. This question will make way for a dialogue between you and the teacher that will ultimately end up benefiting your child.

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Get Involved and Participate

Last but not least, it is incredibly important that you get involved in your child's school activities, and that you participate in the events the school puts together. This means that you should attend the meetings and presentations that take place. Moreover, you should make an effort to become a chaperone to school dances, go along with your child to class trips, lead book clubs, and generally, put some time and energy into your child's school. This won't only help you have a stronger bond with the teacher and with the school, but it can also help you strengthen your relationship with your own child since you'll be able to share those moments together. Furthermore, your child's social life may also be richer because of your involvement in school events.

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