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The Importance of Rote Math Skills and Tutoring near Cinco Ranch

The Tutoring Center near Cinco Ranch offers one-on-one instruction for children in your area. While our trained professionals can help your child to improve by targeting specific skills, there are many things parents can do at home to help their child succeed. For example, memorizing the multiplication and division facts is a key component of the elementary school curriculum for 7-9 year olds. Fluency in multiplication and division for facts numbers one through twelve will enable your child in solving more complex problems in the future. Once these facts are automatic, your child can conserve the processing power that would have been used calculating and redirect this energy towards the higher level strategy, organization, and planning skills needed to apply these skills in the real world. While some students are able to memorize these simple calculations more quickly, this may be indicative of their concrete understanding of the concepts multiplication and division and not necessarily simply a reflection of innate ability. All students have the capacity to master these skills with practice and game-based learning can facilitate while also providing opportunities for your family to play together. For an idea of how to see this through, continue reading.


  • Recycled paper for the prototype
  • Cardboard or card stock for final product
  • Stones or small figurines for game pieces
  • Flash cards
  • Markers, colored pencils, paints for illustrating

Brainstorm Game Ideas With Your Child

Explain to your child or children that you all will be making some games to play during family game night. Ask: What kinds of games do they like to play? What parts do they like best about those games? If they could change one thing about the game what would it be? If they could add one thing to the game what would it be? Explain that you are going to make some games to play during family game night. That you will be making these games together as a family. That these are going to be special learning games that will help your child or children remember and learn better in math class. Remind them that they can change and adapt the games so no one gets bored. It is good to have a game Idea in mind but be sure to allow space for your child or children’s input to ensure that they feel a vested interest.  One way to allow for this is to ask your child to come up with a setting for your board game.  Should the game be based in your city? A jungle? A forest? Under the ocean? On another planet? In another dimension? The possibilities are endless. Remember that if your child requires extra assistance in order to learn math effectively, aside from the board game, you can enroll them in tutoring near Cinco Ranch. Call 832-437-0635 to contact The Tutoring Center and learn more about their programs.

The Board

After you’ve decided on a setting, begin planning out your game board. Look online at examples of popular game boards. Decide what you want to use as game pieces. Small stones are free and easy to find, but you can also create something that is in line with your game’s theme and setting. Your board and flashcards will last longer if you use a higher grade, heavier cardstock, but you can start with printer paper for your prototype.  Sketch out your game board on recycled paper. Plan out the spacing, how you want the game pieces to move around the board. Do you want to leave space for the game cards on the board? Will you have ‘move forward’ or ‘move backward’ spaces like in Chutes and Ladders? How do you know who wins? Will there be prizes? Give everyone an opportunity to look over the game sketch and make adjustments.

The Cards

For the multiplication and division facts you can use flash cards or work together to make your own. Making your own provides a great opportunity for you and your child or children to personalize your game. You can also feel free to have other action cards. For example, you could have health spaces on your board game. When you land on it you have to draw a health card which could be ���drink a glass of water’ or ‘list 3 healthy snacks.’ The backs of these cards provide more opportunities for you and your child to illustrate.

The Final Product

Play the prototype a few times to ensure you’ve worked through all the kinks. Then you are ready for your final product. You can laminate your game board and cards to ensure longevity. Get everyone excited about family game night. Make some popcorn, mint lemonade, and other healthy snacks. Encourage your child or children to invite friends. Your child can use this new during sleepovers or anytime they have a friend over. Creating a culture in your home that learning is fun and enjoyable will have more of an impact on your child’s academic success than any one strategy or tool.

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Remember that if your child requires further math support, you can contact The Tutoring Center at 832-437-0635 for more information on how they can help your child succeed academically.


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