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Understanding Real and Unreal Conditionals

Understanding grammar and developing better writing skills can be a challenging thing to do. However, with the right support and the proper teaching techniques your child can learn those skills. The tutoring center in Katy is dedicated to helping your child develop those skills. Sometimes in grammar and vocabulary what we say sounds ok but is not correct, and we have several good examples in our previous vocabulary help post here. Yet today we want to dig into grammar and share with you a quick lesson on real and unreal conditionals that you can discuss with your child.

When are real and unreal conditionals used?

Real and unreal conditionals are used when we want to express the possibility of something occurring. What structure you use, depends on the possibility of that happening.

Unreal conditionals

Unreal conditionals are sometimes obvious because they are not things that are likely to happen…If I won a million dollars, I would build a school.  Is it likely that we will win a million dollars? No. This is then an unreal conditional.
  • Formula for unreal conditionals untrue in the present/future…
  • If/When +simple past + would/will+simple form:                                               If I had enough time, I would fly to Paris everyday.
  • Other times unreal conditionals are things that could have happened but because they did not happen they are unreal.
  • Formula for unreal conditionals in the past:
  • Untrue in the past…
  • If+ subject + past perfect + would have + past participle (untrue in the past)
  • If the meeting had finished on time, I would have made it to the movies.

Real conditionals.

Real conditionals are conditionals that are logical and likely to happen in real life.
  • Formula for real conditional in the present:
  • True in the present/future…
  • If/When+ simple present + will + simple form
  • If I have enough time, I will exercise everyday.

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