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You'll probably have a lot of tests to take during this end of the school year. To do a great job on them, read this post, as it will share tips to improve your test-taking skills.

How to Take a Test in an Effective Way

The end of the school year is synonymous with tests. They are the last academic effort you'll have to make before you get to enjoy your summer break. If you want to do great in your tests, however, you will need to learn to take them effectively. For a few tips on how to improve your test-taking skills, read through the tips mentioned below.

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Take Deep Breaths In

The moments before you're handed the test, when you're sitting in the classroom quietly with the necessary school supplies out, can be nerve wracking. As you're probably aware, tests can be stressful, but in those moments, all you can do is take deep breaths and try to relax. Your nerves could get in the way, so try to be confident in your abilities and trust that you've prepared enough for this test, so you can do your best.

Write Your Name Down

It may seem like such an obvious step to take, but you would be surprised at how many students forget about it (in most cases, the aforementioned nerves are to blame). Upon receiving your test and being instructed to begin, write down your name. Again, it may seem obvious, but if you don't do it, your test may end up getting lost. In some cases, teachers even deduct points because of this oversight, so don't make that mistake.

Read the Test Thoroughly

Some students make the mistake of immediately answering the test as if they were worried the information would fade away from their minds if they take it slowly. However, not reading the test first could end up in confusion and a lower grade. To ensure you're on the right track when taking your test, read the instructions, questions, possible answers, and more, before you begin. If you have problems understanding a question or instruction, this is the best time to ask your teacher to clarify.

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Answer in the Proper Manner

Simply answering a question on a test isn't enough; you need to do it properly in order to achieve the highest score possible. This means that, as stated in the point above, you should answer as you were instructed. For example, if you're required to write complete sentences, write complete sentences. Moreover, this also means that you need to care for your penmanship. Messy and unintelligible letters can confuse your teacher, which could affect your grade, so make an effort.

Start Out Easy

Time is of the essence when you're answering a test. If you want to use it effectively, start by answering the easiest questions first. This will get them out of the way fast and will give you a chance to focus and spend more time on the more complicated ones. While you're answering the test, however, be sure to mark those questions you're leaving for later. This way, you'll be reminded to come back to them at the end.

Do Not Cheat

Some students feel tempted to cheat on their tests, and to a degree, it is understandable: they are stressed, they're not well-prepared, and they feel unsure. If you're feeling tempted as well, however, you should try your best to avoid cheating. Not only will you be cheating yourself, but getting caught red-handed can actually be much worse than answering a few questions incorrectly. For instance, some teachers will take your test away and file a report.

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Review Your Test

Hooray! You're done with your test! You're surely eager to get out of the classroom and take a walk to calm your nerves. But before you hand your test in, it is imperative that you review it to a T. This will give you a chance to correct any mistakes, answer any questions you may have missed, and ensure you've understood the instructions correctly. A few minutes is all it takes to improve your answers (and your grade) on the test, so if you have them, spend them wisely.


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