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A good night's sleep is essential for a child, especially if they want to become a successful student. For tips on how you can instill healthy sleeping habits in your child, read this post.  

How to Instill Healthy Sleeping Habits in Your Child

Sleep is essential for every living being. However, it is even more crucial for children, as it is when they sleep that they develop, grow, and recover. If you have a student at home, making sure they sleep well is even important for their learning process since, as The Learning Scientists state, they assimilate information when they're asleep. To ensure your student has quality sleep every night, follow the tips below.

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Communicate With Your Child

Children are like sponges; they absorb almost any information you give them and love learning new things. For that reason, your first approach should be to communicate with your child about why they should be creating healthy sleeping habits. Talk to them, let them know the importance of sleep and of the benefits that a good night's sleep and a sleeping routine can have. This may actually make them eager to go along with it.

Get Them Tired

Children can laugh, run, play, dance, jump, and much, much more, due to the seemingly unending amount of energy they have. However, if your child has a little bit too much energy come nightfall, they may have trouble falling asleep. For that and many other reasons, it is imperative that you get your child involved in daily physical activities that can tire them out. Playing with them, enrolling them in a class, walking the dog with them, or other physical activity, can help.

Set a Sleeping Schedule

To guarantee that your child will get a quality sleep, you need to set a sleeping schedule for them. This includes setting a defined bedtime and wake up time for every day of the week. Yes, this means that they should follow that sleeping schedule even on the weekends to ensure they won't break the routine. While you're working on it, remember that depending on their age, your child will require anywhere from 8 to 11 hours of sleep every night.

Work on a Routine

Creating and following a daily bedtime routine is the perfect way to get your child's body ready to shut down for the day. Moreover, with time, this routine will start becoming a habit. To that end you can, for example, make sure that after they've eaten dinner, they shower, brush their teeth, and put on their pajamas. You could even make reading together in bed part of the routine, so you can spend some time bonding as your child winds down to sleep.

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Establish a Few Limits

There are a few activities that your child should avoid  if they want to have a restful night, for example:
  • Consuming caffeinated or sugary substances right before bed.
  • Eating heavy meals late at night (if they're still hungry, give them some fruit).
  • Watching TV or other screens while in their bed (as this can stimulate them and keep them up).
Establishing limits around these behaviors can ensure your child will be ready to have a good night's sleep according to the schedule you set for them.

Create the Perfect Environment

Where your child sleeps can have an enormous impact on how quickly they shut down and how successful their night is. For that reason, you should work on creating a perfect environment for them to sleep in. Alaska Sleep Clinic suggests the following:
  • Sleeping in a clean, dark, and quiet room
  • Having comfortable covers and pillows
  • Keeping a cooler temperature (about 65°)

Create a Reward System

Sometimes, getting your child to follow a routine and schedule can be very difficult. If your child is a bit restless (especially when you first start enforcing these healthy sleeping habits), create a reward system that can encourage them to follow them. For example, if they get ready for bed, sleep, and wake up in time for a couple of weeks, you can take them to the zoo as their prize.

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