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Make a Movie This Summer

Summer learning activities don't have to be boring. Get creative with your child and make a movie. The movie making process incorporates various academic activities that are also fun. Work with your child and create a fun project you can be proud of. The Tutoring Center in Katy can guide you through the process.

Encourage Creative Writing

In order to come up with an idea for your movie making project, have your child participate in some creative free writes. Allow your child to write about what interests them. You can help guide them with prompts and discussions before they start writing. Once they have written something, talk to them about how they would make a movie with that idea. Make sure the idea is simple to produce and not too long.

Develop a Script

Writing a script sounds like a complicated process, but it can actually be quite easy. Take one of the story ideas from the creative writing sessions and divide it into a beginning, middle and end. This is a great way to develop story development and writing techniques. Identify how many scenes each section has and what the action will be. Write down each scene number, the action it entails and what the characters will do. Develop dialogues for your characters and find your locations.

Start Filming Your Movie

Find people to act in the production and decide when to film. Let your child take control of the filming process. This will help you child develop leadership abilities and organization skills. Let the children involved take care of most of the production, but supervise and help if there are any issues. Once they are done filming, put the movie together and screen it. Invite your family and friends over to watch the finished movie.

Tutoring in Katy

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