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It’s not that your child or student is unmotivated in school; they are motivated. The problem is that the motivation is focused on avoiding schoolwork. They put so much effort on not doing classwork or homework, they don’t realize that with only half of that effort, they could be doing phenomenally at school. At The Tutoring Center, Katy TX we understand what it is to have an unmotivated student, and we know the importance of changing that, so we’ve come up with a few ideas for you to try out on your quest for student motivation. With unmotivated students we have two challenges: making them actually believe how great they could academically be with some effort, and figuring out what it is that motivates them.

Learn About Their Interests

Learn about what your child or student likes, and incorporate it in class. Perhaps they love dogs, and they will pay attention to anything that talks about dogs. Incorporate dogs into your reading classes, or add dogs to math problems. Let’s say they want to be a teacher, let them be a teacher’s assistant for the day.  You might have to make a bigger effort into planning an activity, but it’s most probable that the unmotivated child will join in more willingly.

Relate Lessons to the Real World

Give them actual examples of how they can use whatever lesson you are learning in class that day. In math, show them how they can calculate a 30% discount at a toy store. In science, try to get them as close to nature as possible. Show them that what they are learning has an actual use and it’s not just another subject they have to sit through.

Build on Strengths

If your child is successful in an area outside the academic setting, figure out what it is that makes them great there. Together, work on a plan to involve that “something” with school activities. If they are great in music and learning songs, present class materials in a song, perhaps the topics will stick better like that.

Don’t Compare Them

Focus on their progress instead of comparing them to other children’s progress. Knowing that someone is way ahead of them academically can make them become discouraged and eventually make them quit trying at all. Rather than criticize them for what they can’t do or haven’t done, talk to them about how much they have improved over the course of the year. Focus solely on their achievements. Bring your children to The Tutoring Center, Katy TX, where our learning systems can help them understand whatever they are struggling with scholastically. We will help them improve greatly at school, making their self-confidence and motivation rise. Call us now at: (832) 437-0635 for a free diagnostic assessment.

Let Them Right Their Wrongs

Give them an opportunity to do homework again if they did really badly. Tell them they’ll have a few point off but they can still raise their grade. It shows them you believe they can do better. Everyone deserves a second chance; perhaps now that they know what they did wrong, they will make a bigger effort to do better.

Be Mindful with Rewards

Some students need a physical proof that they are getting something in exchange of making an effort and getting a good grade; and an excellent grade and positive comments isn’t enough for them. The issue there is that external motivation ends as soon as the reward does. Take as an example, exams. You tell your child that if they get good grades during exams, you’ll give them a prize, like a videogame. Done! They get good grades, and after exams, they drop again. You have to be really careful on when and what you offer as a reward for good work. Instead of giving many small rewards, give them a big one midyear or at the end of the schoolyear.

Discuss the Situation with Them

Talk to your child if you can't seem to motivate them academically; there may be another reason why they're not making a bigger effort to get good grades and learn effectively. During these conversations, remember to be calm, and they will answer back the same way.

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