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If you’ve considered getting your child a tutor in order to help him or her out with some of the challenges that come with education, you may be wondering what the best options are. With the high number of students in each classroom, specifically in the public school setting, it is a great option to consider one on one tutoring. The Tutoring Center in Katy would like to help you today by explaining the purpose and benefit to the one on one tutoring system like you’ll find at The Tutoring Center. 

It is important to realize that one on one tutoring is specifically individualized for your child. There is no need to work at a pace faster than that which your child is comfortable with. The tutoring is focused on helping your child grasp the concepts in the time he or she needs. There are no other children that need to be ‘kept up with.’ Your child’s learning is the only goal. 

Similarly, when your child is in a classroom with several other students, it is natural that one or two of them will not be acting as they should. This can be distracting for the other students in the room, possibly including your child. When your child is involved in one on one tutoring the only other individual in the room is the tutor. The tutor help your child to maintain focus and is there to ensure your child learns well, with methods that work for him or her. 

Lastly, you can expect that with the option of one on one tutoring that your child will be able to grow in his or her learning without the fear of judgement. Often, when a child is having difficulty understanding a concept in class it can be difficult to ask the teacher for clarification. Especially if it seems the rest of the class is getting it, your child may feel embarrassed to ask questions. However, with one on one tutoring your child is afforded the comfort to ask questions at the moment they come up and get assistance from a tutor who is completely focused on your child’s needs. 

If you’re not entirely convinced that the one on one tutoring method works, consider stopping by The Tutoring Center in order to find out more. In order to help your child out even further, you can also commit to reading some of our previous posts, such as that on the importance of play. If you’re ready to get your child the support he or she needs, remember that The Tutoring Center offers a free, diagnostic assessment prior to offering tutoring to any student. For tutoring in Katy, be sure to contact us at 832-437-0635.


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