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If you're a student, your backpack is no doubt your trusty companion. However, if you think you could do a better job at keeping it organized, this post will share some tips on the matter. Keep them in mind to get ready for your first day back, and to keep your backpack efficient throughout your school year.

How to Organize Your Backpack for the Next School Year

Choose the Right Backpack

The first step is, believe or not, an important one, since having the right backpack for you can make a difference on your organization system, and even your health. First and foremost, look at the backpack you already have, can it take another year at school? If you decide you need a new one, aside from a design you like, search for one that is big enough, that can fit all of your things, and that will be comfortable to carry around. Keep in mind that one-shoulder strap bags can disturb your posture and how its weight is distributed, so opt for two-strap bags if possible.

Have Your School Supplies Handy

What good is a backpack without any school supplies? If you are starting school soon, make sure that you have every supply you'll need. For that reason, you should check what you already have, make a list of what you need to get, and start acquiring those items. Folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, calculators, among other supplies can be necessary when you're going back to school, so be certain that you have all of them before you start packing your backpack.

Think About What Subjects You're Taking

A few days before your first day of school, and each night before class throughout the year, think about the subjects you'll be going over on the next day, and pack your backpack accordingly, so you don't take everything at once. We recommend that you have a folder and notebook for each subject so you are more organized, so remember to include both of them when you pack. Likewise, don't forget to bring your homework with you, so you can hand it in to your teacher in a timely manner. If you need assistance with your school subjects, you can turn to The Tutoring Center, Katy TX.  They offer academic programs designed to help you improve, so call 832-437-0635 to enroll in tutoring classes in Katy TX.

Create a System for Arranging Your Belongings

Now, if you want your backpack to be really organized so you can reach into it and grab the supplies you need in a beat, you need to create a system for how you'll arrange it. Maybe you can arrange everything by size, or you can put them in place depending on what class you have first, second, etc. The important thing here is not only to come up with a system, but to actually follow it throughout your school year, so you're not left with a messy backpack without any real order.

Keep Smaller Items Together

Tied to the point above, unless you want to be searching for a pencil for a test and not find it quickly because it's hanging out somewhere in the bottom of your backpack, you may want to designate an area where you keep all of those smaller supplies. Perhaps you can get a pencil case, or you can make use of the front pouch on your backpack (in case it has one). The idea is to make those smaller supplies easier to locate and more accessible. Again, make sure that you put everything back in its place, so you don't lose anything.

Tag Your Backpack

Just as you would do with your notebooks, or your calculator, you should tag your backpack. By labeling it with your name and your cell phone number, you won't have to be as worried if you misplace it. After all, your backpack carries all of your school work, notes, text books, and more, so losing it would be a tragedy. Tag it clearly so you can recover it without as much hassle.

Keep it Clean and Organized

Finally, you should do your best to keep your backpack clean and organized. For that reason, you should first realize that your backpack is not a trash can; this means that you shouldn't put garbage in it. Likewise, as mentioned a few times over already, you should do your best to put everything back in its place: place your papers in their designated folder, keep your pencils/pens/erasers in the pencil case, etc. This will help you have a more put-together backpack, and it may even help you have a more efficient school year.

Enroll in Tutoring Classes in Katy TX

Aside from having an organized backpack, enrolling in tutoring classes in Katy TX can also help you have a more efficient and successful school year. Learn how by calling The Tutoring Center, Katy TX at 832-437-0635.


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