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If your child is young, they’re more than likely more interested in playing than doing anything else. It’s obvious that they’re having a great time whilst they’re playing, but we here at The Tutoring Center in Katy think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn about the brain-boosting effects taking place too.

It’s great for executive function

Take the time to think closely about what exactly takes place when your child is let loose in a nursery or play space with a number of toys and activities to choose from, and you’ll see how much these situations engage their brain. Playing helps children practice a whole range of skills such as planning (what to play with), organization (how to play), prioritization (why play with this and not that?) and other skills classed under the umbrella term of ‘executive function’.

It helps develop emotional maturity

Playtime, although it may sound odd, can be difficult! Playing with other children requires diplomacy and good control of one’s emotions, and just like any other skill there’s no way to build these up other than through practice. Also, imagine how stressful it must be for a child trying to build a sculpture out of LEGO while they are still developing the fine motor skills necessary for such tasks! Learning to deal with frustrations such as these is a key factor in play’s importance. 

It’s wonderful for their creative imaginations

Play, especially imaginary or make-believe play, is great for your child’s imagination and their creativity. Thinking up scenarios and acting them out and other similar activities all require immense amounts of creative thinking which is itself heavily involved in abstract problem-solving.

It helps them develop an ‘inner voice’

We’re all familiar with using ‘self-talk’ to overcome problems or to help us plan our course of action. We all use this inward dialogue, and studies indicate that it is developed mainly during play in childhood. 

It’s good for their problem-solving abilities

Problem-solving is best learned when children are left to independently come to find solutions, and this happens frequently during play. Adults are less inclined to step in and fix problems for children during play time, and it offers plenty of opportunities for problem-solving, from working out how to arrange blocks in the pattern they’d like all the way to solving disputes in imaginary play.

Of course, your child can’t play all day every day! There are plenty of other necessary activities that are also great brain-boosters; you may also be interested to learn about the mental benefits of exercise, for example.

As your child gets older you may find that they are naturally more gifted at certain subjects over others. If you feel they could benefit from a little extra support in any particular area, then don’t hesitate to contact The Tutoring Center. Call 832-437-0635 to organize tutoring in Katy today.


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