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Reading for pleasure has become extremely rare in a time when children spend most of their time checking their social networks or playing with their cell phones. According to a study by Common Sense Media, 45% of 17 year olds pick up a book only one or two times a year for enjoyment. 

This statistic is discouraging, and for this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Katy, we would like to share some ideas to motivate your children to read. 

Choosing Books

Hobbies and interests can drive your children’s curiosity to read books. You can start by taking them to the library and discover new authors and genres, and remember that the librarian can give you a few tips. Lack of interest can be a problem, so allow your children to read comic books or graphic novels that will engage them and will introduce some basic concepts like plot and characters. 

At Home

Instilling this skill starts at home; make sure to read a book in front of your children, or even better, create a reading hour when the whole family gets together to enjoy a book. Have magazines and other interesting materials in reachable places as this will trigger their curiosity. 

What to Avoid

Never push your children to read. This will have a negative effect and will cause them to see reading as an unpleasant  activity. If your children are reluctant readers, you should investigate and find out the problem. Weak reading skills or not seeing a practical use for reading are common causes. 

These simple ideas can help your children become regular readers, which is a very useful skill in and outside the classroom. Remember that your children’s brain is continuously developing and physical activity plays an important role, so be sure to read this post containing some of the mental benefits of exercise.   

If your children are struggling in this or any other academic area, you can find assistance at The Tutoring Center. Our highly qualified tutors use our exclusive programs to provide their students with the skills and abilities they need to excel in school. Consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in Katy

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