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The SAT is an examination used as part of the college admissions process in over 2,000 universities and colleges in the United States. It is taken annually by approximately 2 million students, and an excellent score could very well lead to a scholarship to the university of your choice. It is no wonder then, that this exam can cause a great deal of stress for those preparing to take it, and it is with this in mind that The Tutoring Center in Katy would like to help you prepare, by offering a few tips on each of the sections, as well as some general rules that should be of help. 

Writing Section

- For the multiple choice part of this section, you’ll want to pick the answer that is the most correct. Remember there will be some options which are partially correct. 
- You’ll have to answer a writing prompt in 25 minutes. It is recommended that you read the prompt through and make sure you understand it. Use a 5 paragraph essay to organize your ideas. Start with answering the prompt briefly, and briefly stating your evidences, in the introduction. 
- Use the following 3 paragraphs to expand on those ideas, and finally the conclusion should restate your introduction, again answering the prompt. 

Reading Section

- Read the selection thoroughly prior to attempting to answer the questions. They are worded in such a way that you could easily get confused and choose the wrong answer, should you choose not to read and simply look for the answers within the paragraph. 

Math Section 

- This section goes from the most simple to more complex. Therefore, don’t spend too much time on the first equations, leaving yourself time for the more difficult ones. 

General Tips

- Remember a great night of rest and a balanced breakfast the morning of the exam
- Do not forget a picture ID, as it will be required to enter the testing center
- Some sections allow a calculator, and of course you want at least two number 2 pencils
- There will be scrap paper to show your work, provided for you. You will be required to turn this in at the end of the test
- Bring a protein filled snack to provide the energy you’ll need for the second half of the SAT

The ideal time to take your first SAT is at the beginning of your 11th grade year. If you’ve already taken the exam once and are not pleased with your score, or you have yet to take it, remember that The Tutoring Center has an SAT Prep Program. In the program, you will receive information on how to prepare for the test, study tips, and many opportunities to practice! If you are nervous about the test, definitely consider hiring one of our profession tutors to assist you! Contact us at 832-437-0635, to find out more about our program and to set an appointment for tutoring in Katy!


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