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The never-ending debate: should you listen to music when studying? To help you solve this question on your own, The Tutoring Center, Katy TX presents the 'pros' and 'cons' of doing so.

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Why You Should Study With Music

It Boosts Your Energy Up

First of all, you should realize that to have effective study sessions, you need to have a mind and body that are awake and ready to pay attention. Still, if you've been studying for a long time, you can bet that your energy levels will be depleted, which means the effectiveness of your study sessions will be depleted as well. This is the first way in which music can help you: it can boost your energy. This will make you more eager to endure and keep learning effectively.

It Aids in the Memorization Process

To be a successful learner, you need to understand your school subjects. To that end, it is necessary that you memorize certain information (for example, names, dates, formulas, definitions, among others). If you want to have more efficient study sessions, you should consider playing music as you go. Certain music, such as classical or relaxing music, can actually increase your focus levels. This means that you may be more able to assimilate, retain, and recall information if you study with music.

It Lowers Your Anxiety Levels

Needless to say, tests can be nerve-wracking to some students. Some may even experience anxiety because of them. As you can imagine, being too nervous when studying can actually hinder your ability to learn your school subjects effectively. Enter, music. Listening to some calming tunes can have the wonderful effect of lowering your anxiety levels. This means that you will feel more at ease, and a such, you'll be more receptive to learning your lessons well.

It Stimulates Your Creativity

A final, but very important 'pro' aspect of listening to music when you're studying, is that it can stimulates your creativity. As you know, music can be incredibly inspiring. This can result in you being more creative and willing to problem-solve when you're studying. This can be very beneficial, since you won't get stuck when you should be learning, and you may be even more compliant to new approaches to studying and learning.

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Why You Shouldn't Study With Music

It Can Strip Your Attention Away

One of the most common reasons why people say you shouldn't study with music, is that it can distract you and strip your attention away from what you should be learning. This is true. Especially if you're listening to songs that have a high tempo and lyrics, you may be more interested in singing and dancing along, than you are to focusing on your studies and assimilating the information before you. Obviously, this isn't the most conducive to learning.

It Can Alter Your Mood

As mentioned above, music can make you feel more energetic and/or calmer. However, music can also alter your mood in other ways. This is because when you listen to sad, stressful, or moody music, you will end up feeling sad, stressed out, or moody. This, as you can probably guess, can also alter how well you perform during your study sessions. Most of the times, experiencing those feelings won't make you the most receptive and successful student and learner.

It Can Lead to Confusion and Mistakes

On the 'pros' list, we mentioned that music can help you focus more and do certain tasks more easily. This is especially true if you're performing more mechanical tasks that don't need you to think much while you're working through them. Still, the exact opposite can be true if you have to work on more complicated tasks. For example, if you're listening to music while studying a subject that you deem more challenging, you may feel more confused, which can lead to more mistakes.

It Can Result in Poorer Time Management

Last but not least, you need to consider that, if you want to manage your time effectively, you may need to refrain from listening to music when you should be studying. As stated, in some cases (and depending on the songs you listen to), music can lead to distraction and more mistakes. This means that will have to spend a lot more time getting through your material than if you were to study without music.

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