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Taking good notes can make a difference in your study sessions, or the outcome of your classes. For tips on how to improve on your note-taking skills, read this post that The Tutoring Center, Katy TX has put together for you. 

When you're a student, notes become a part of your every day life. You need to take them during your classes, you go over them as you work on your homework, and you study them when you have a test coming up. Needless to say, notes are an essential component in your academic efforts. So much so, in fact, that your notes are one of your main study materials, meaning that if you want to have a successful outcome in school, you need to know how to take good notes. If you want to improve your note-taking skills during this new academic year, it's easy to do. Simply follow the tips mentioned in the post below.

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How to Take Notes that Will Help You Study

Keep Your Notebooks Organized and Tidy

The first step in having good notes is keeping your notebooks organized and tidy. For that reason, it's first suggested that you have a notebook for each subject. Likewise, write a title and date for each of the lessons, so they're easier to track down. Keep in mind that clutter, doodles, and many mistakes can pull your focus away from your school subjects, so you should try to avoid them. Finally, don't rip pages off the notebooks, as you may lose them.  

Have Your Writing Tools Handy

It can be incredibly difficult to take notes when you don't have your writing tools (like your pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, and more) with you at an arm's length. That's why, before you begin classes, you should make sure that you have them all ready to be used. This way, as the teacher starts explaining your school subjects, you can grab them and take notes at a moment's notice. Keep all of them in a pencil case, so you don't lose them later on.

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Have a Writing Strategy

Trying to keep up with your teacher and writing down every single word they're saying can be exhausting and it's a surefire way to miss writing down some important information. To make your note-taking skills more effectives, you should develop a writing strategy. For example, you can use common abbreviations to save you some time. Likewise, focus on writing down main ideas and the most important information, so you don't write every word down.

Guarantee That You'll Understand Your Notes

Perhaps the most important part of note taking is making sure that you'll be able to understand your notes when you have to study. For that reason, you should prioritize legibility (by writing with good penmanship) and coherence (by using clear wording and complete ideas). This way, when the time to study comes around, you won't have to waste time trying to figure out what you wrote.

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Emphasize the Most Important Information

Even though all of the notes you take are important, it should go without saying that there's some information that's more important than other (like dates, names, definitions, etc.). That's why, you should try to make those key notes stand out. To that end, you can make use of a highlighter or colored pens to accentuate them, so you they can jump out at you when you're studying and you'll remember them better..

Review Your Notes

Finally, before you close your notebooks when you're done taking your notes, you should review what you wrote down. Doing this will help you be sure that the notes you took are good enough to study off of. Moreover, if during the review, you notice you missed information or something wasn't completely clear, you have the chance to ask a peer or your teacher for help, so you can complete your notes for your study sessions.

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