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As a student, taking good, effective notes can be an invaluable skill. After all, it is through your notes that you get to refresh your memory and study for your tests. Still, if you aren’t the best note taker but would like to improve in this department, you can follow the tips below to master this useful skill.

Keep Organized and Clean Notebooks

Start by keeping organized and clean notebooks. This means that you should have a notebook for each subject so you don’t mix your notes, and that you should do your best to avoid doodling.

Keep Your Writing Tools Handy

Taking notes in class can be challenging since you need to keep up with what the teacher is saying. This is why your writing tools (pencil, sharpener, eraser, etc.), should be handy, ready to be used.

Make an Effort to Write Well

If you want your notes to help you study, make sure to write with readable letters, and in complete, coherent sentences that you’ll actually be able to understand later on.

Create a Writing System

Again, time is precious when you’re taking notes, so create a system with which you can write faster. For instance, only note main ideas, and use common abbreviations to save time.

Accentuate the Important Information

If there are pieces of information in your notes that should stand out, help them do so by using colored pens and highlighters. This way, they won’t get lost among your notes.

Reread Your Notes

When you’re done taking notes, make sure to reread what you just wrote. This will help you make sure that everything is clear. If it isn’t, ask a peer or the teacher to explain.

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