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Learning to read can be one of the most exciting yet frustrating things in a young child’s education. Many letters, and combinations of letters, make many different sounds or are pronounced completely different than they look, but just like everything: with practice comes perfection. Today, The Tutoring Center of Katy would like to give you a basic layout of the learning process for reading, to help you best prepare your child for school.

Step 1: Know the Alphabet and Corresponding Sounds

Before your child will be able to recognize words, they need to have the alphabet mastered. They need to know which letters are vowels and which are consonants. Likewise, they should know the basic and most common sounds each letter makes. English can be difficult because many letters have multiple pronunciations. Also, there are combinations of letters that make a completely different sound than they look like they should; “ph” making an “f” sound is a perfect example. Help your child master these before moving to complete words.

Step 2: Work Together to ‘Sound it Out’

Don’t expect your student to automatically be able to connect the sounds of letters and magically know how to read. Physically be with your child and audibly help by reading along with them. Break each word down into individual letters or syllables. Don’t do the work for them; rather guide them through the reading. This will take a lot of practice and patience, but it works.

Step 3: Read Along

When you feel your student has reached a sufficient level to read alone, get two copies of the same book and have them read aloud to you as you follow along. At the beginning, it will be very slow, but that is ok. Help with words they struggle on by sounding it out with them. Eventually, after a lot of practice, they’ll hopefully be reading with few or no problems at all.


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