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Do you remember your mother telling you to turn off the TV and go play outside? Annoying as she was, she was right. It’s no surprise that young people of today tend to spend more time in front of a screen than any previous generation did. Screen time includes time spent on smartphones, computers, TVs, and gaming consoles. And the more time children spend sitting down engaged with their devices, the less time they spend doing physical activity or studying. Here are a few tips for reducing screen time:


Setting rules without explanation is rarely effective. Tell your children that they will be healthier and have more energy if they balance physical activity with screen time every day.

Reduce your Own Screen Time

Children learn what they live, as a famous poem reminds us. If you are watching TV and posting to Facebook during all your downtime, your children will follow your example. Be a good role model: join a sports team or take up a hobby. Your children will be more likely to follow a rule if you follow it, too.

Keep Activity Logs

You might set a rule in your home to spend equal amounts of time doing physical activities and on devices. The best way to enforce this rule is to have each member of the family keep a daily log. Post the logs somewhere in the house that's public, such as a bulletin board or on the fridge. A visual reminder will help everyone to moderate screen time and balance physical activity time. Looking for more great content? Check out this post on how to develop your child's reading comprehension skills

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