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Being able to retain more information from classes at school will most definitely increase your child’s test and homework scores, and will create a positive impact on other areas of their lifeThe Tutoring Center, Katy TX has some great tips to improve your child’s memorization skills, so continue reading. Firstly, we’ll go over what your brain does during the learning process.
  1. Encode: the brain registers the memory, for that to happen your brain needs to be exposed to it a few times.
  2. Consolidate: this is the part when your brain actually memorizes something, through repetition.
  3. Retrieve: when you use information or memories you have stored in your brain.
Basically, memorization is a process and just like any process it can be perfected. Now on with the tips:

Keep an Active Mind 

Stimulate your brain in a productive way by doing mental mind exercises, testing your recall skills, or playing brain games. There are many phone apps and online games to work out your brain.


Some studies show that the parts of the brain that control thinking and memory are better developed in people who exercise or play sports.

Sleep and Have a Balanced Diet

While we sleep, our brain is hard at work: making decisions, creating and consolidating memories, eliminating toxins, among many other actions. Your children need a well-balanced diet and lots of water bottles. Now for the actual memorizing tips:
  • Save notes, tests and homework assignments to go over them later on.
  • Maintain an organized environment: that way they don’t have to worry about remembering where they left something, they just have to worry about learning it.
  • Pay attention in class: encourage them to ask questions and participate, to take notes, and to turn off their phones during a lesson.
  • Use their knowledge in real life: ask your children to teach you something new. If they’re studying a different language, tell them to practice it. Don’t leave the learning in the books.
  • Ask for help: if they need extra help, enroll them in tutoring classes in The Tutoring Center, Katy TX.

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To keep exercising your children's minds, bring them to The Tutoring Center, Katy TX.  They have many summer programs that will fit their needs. Give them a call at: (832) 437-0635 to know more.


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