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Highlighting is a common study method. However, simply highlighting won't help you. To learn how you can use your highlighter to study effectively, read this post by The Tutoring Center in Katy, TX.

How to Study with a Highlighter

Finals are just around the corner, which means that right about now, you're probably searching for the best study methods to ensure you'll get good results in your tests. If your preferred tactic is to use your highlighter, however, read the post below to learn tips on how you can become a better student with the help of your highlighter.

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Use Highlighters to Complement Your Study Methods

Highlighting is a very common study method. However, simply relying on your highlighter and going over text with it to help you learn and retain information, won't do you any good. In fact, it can even derail your study efforts, since it can give you a sense of false confidence. That's why, the best way to study effectively with the help of your highlighter, is to use it as an aid or complement for your other study methods. For example, one thing you can do to use your highlighters as you study is to employ them whenever you're writing notes: you can take notes about what you read on your textbook, and then make use of the highlighter to emphasize the most important bits of information in your notes. This will make them stand out among the other notes in your notebook for when you're studying for your tests.

Employ a Variety of Colored Highlighters

We're all very familiar with that annoyingly bright yellow color that's mostly associated with highlighters. However, if you're a student, then you're probably aware that highlighters have expanded their color range and now come in a variety of hues. From blues, greens, and purples, to oranges and pinks, you can choose the color that most suits you to highlight your textbooks and notes. Not only that, but you can also use this variety for your own benefit: you can employ a different color for a specific kind of assignment, or for a specific type of information. For example, when writing down your homework in your agenda, you can highlight your math homework with a blue highlighter. Or, when you're studying from your notes, you can use pink to emphasize dates. This will make it easier to organize the information, assimilate it, and recollect it at a glance.

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Only Use Your Highlighters for Highlighting

A common mistake students make when they have a highlighter in their hands, is that they may use it for things other than highlighting. For example, they may use it to write down information about what they're studying or to doodle (since some students state that doodling can help them focus on what they're learning). However, doing so is not the best idea. This is because, when you're using those bright colors for something other than accentuating information, you may actually be hurting your attention span. When you're studying, your eyes and your focus will be distracted by the doodles at the margin. To avoid that, ensure that you have the necessary study tools within arm's reach before you begin studying. This way, you can grab the appropriate material for what you're trying to do (if you're doodling, however, try to do it in a separate sheet of paper, so the scribbles won't pull your focus away when studying).

Highlight With Care

Last but not least, you should try your best to highlight with care. This means that you shouldn't be highlighting every single word that you find in your textbook or notes. As you can probably imagine, when you make everything stand out, nothing really does, which is why it is important that you only emphasize the most valuable pieces of information. A good tip to ensure that happens is to highlight after a second or third read of a text. Use the first read through as a chance to assimilate the information. Then, once you have a better idea of what the main points are, use your highlighter to make them stand out. This way, you will avoid feeling confused and overwhelmed when the time to study comes around.

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