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Know How to Differentiate These Words

Our last post we Learn Through Movie Making, and now we give you some words that are often misused or confused by those who do not employ their dictionaries.

Hear vs Here

There is an "ear" in "hear" because it means to listen. "Here" is 80% of "where" to represent a place.

Lie vs Lay

These words are very commonly misused. "Lie" is for people and animals and has the following tenses- lying, lay, and has/have lain. Thus the confusion, because to "lay" means to put something down. Lay's tenses are laying, laid, and has/have laid. Remember that people can tell lies, so they lie down.

To, Too, & Two

Remember that "too" has an extra "o" that is "also" included. "Two" is a number and "to" is short for "toward".


"Data" comes from Latin and means "bits of information." The "bits" part of the definition means that it is plural. "These data are intriguing," may sound odd, but it is correct. If you are referring to one piece of information, the singular form is "datum."

Hole vs Whole

A "hole" is an opening. It is missing a "w" so it can never be "whole," or complete.

Stationary vs Stationery

"Stationary" means standing still, while "stationery" is paper for writing. The "a" in "stationary" is for "anchored".

Who's vs Whose

"Who's" is a contraction of "who is" or "who has". "Whose" is the possessive case of "who". Contractions have apostrophes, so remember that "who's" stands for two words.

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