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To study for a test effectively, there are things that you should and shouldn't do. To learn what you should definitely stay away from, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Katy TX.

What Not to Do When Studying

Students are often searching for the best study methods that will help them perform well on their tests and get better grades. However, just as there are practices you should follow to learn successfully, there are some that you should definitely avoid. To find out which the latter are, read the following post.

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Thinking Negative Thoughts

Your brain is an extremely powerful machine. Believe it or not, how you think of yourself and of your school subjects can actually affect the outcome of your study sessions and even your performance in your tests. That's why it is a big mistake to have a negative attitude towards your studies. Thinking a subject is too difficult, comparing yourself to others, putting too much pressure on yourself, not considering yourself good enough, and other similar thoughts, can derail your efforts to learn effectively, no matter how much time you spend studying. To avoid putting yourself down, think that you can do it, and seek new ways to study and understand the subjects that are most challenging for you.

Procrastinating Your Time Away

Procrastination is one of your biggest enemies when you should be studying, as it breaks your concentration, and keeps your energy and time away from what you should be learning. What's more, is that procrastination and poor time management can actually be symptoms of confusion or of an ineffective learning experience. To keep procrastination as far away as you can when you should be studying, it's recommended that you find the perfect work environment, where you can focus on your lessons. Ensure that this place is free of distractions (i.e. keep your cell phone off in it). Another tip to avoid procrastination is to create a schedule where you give yourself enough time to complete all of your scholarly duties. If you need help keeping up with your schedule, set a reward system that can motivate you.

Giving Into Cheating

Practicing is one of the best ways to study, learn, and sharpen your skills (particularly for subjects such as math, physics, etc.). That's why, if your teacher hands out practice tests, a worksheet, or gives you another practice opportunity, you should make an effort to complete them correctly on your own. Cheating can be tempting, and if you're having a challenging time with a subject, it may seem like your only option. However, you'll only be cheating yourself out of a chance to become better in said subject. To improve academically, work on your assignments honestly, so you can prepare effectively to take your tests in a successful manner.

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Cramming the Night Before

One of the most common study methods students turn to in their time of need (and one that is a really bad idea) is to cram 4 months worth of study material during the night before a test. As previously stated, this isn't the best way to go about it, since simply memorizing won't help you learn any of your lessons. Moreover, you'll be so tired from staying up all night, that you'll be more likely to make mistakes during your test. To learn better, study days in advance and try your best to understand what your subjects are about. This will ensure that you'll perform successfully in your tests.

Neglecting Your Learning Style

Last but not least, if you want your study sessions to be fruitful ones, then you shouldn't neglect your learning style when you're studying. For starters, you should know what type of learner you are (kinesthetic, visual, auditory, or other) when the best time to study is for you, and what you need to have a positive learning experience (e.g. do you learn better when studying in a group or alone?). Knowing these things about yourself will help you adapt your study sessions to your learning style, guaranteeing that you'll make the most out of them.

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